9 Best Instagram Story Apps That Makes Your Story Attractive

A user can post a series of photos or videos that appear on Instagram for 24 hours as part of the Instagram Stories feature. The fact that there are so many options to customize them has made this feature extremely popular.

Make fun and engaging Instagram Stories with one of the many apps available. Some apps can enhance stories with effects and animations, while others offer advanced editing tools.Even though Instagram itself provides many creative options for Stories, using more specialized apps can further improve them.

9 Best Apps for Creating Instagram Story Eye-Catchy

The following apps can help you keep your audience engaged with Instagram Stories:

  1. Inshot

This app provides various design features and allows you to trim, cut, split, crop, or merge videos. It also offers various video backgrounds, filters, and effects. You can also add music and sounds to your videos, with an option to fade music in and out. There is an option for speed control using which you can make slow-motion or fast videos.

You can also manage a video’s aspect ratio to make it fit different platforms. The app also comes with text, stickers, emojis, and other design effects that can be added to both photos and videos. InShot is a great app for amateurs and professionals alike. With so many video and photo editing features, this app has everything you need to create Instagram Stories.

  1. StoryArt

This app is a powerful and easy-to-use Instagram Story editor that provides a massive variety of templates. It can be used for both Android and iOS devices. In addition, the app is compatible with a wide variety of design effects, including filters, fonts, and themes.

  1. Unfold

This Instagram Stories editor has a free version and a premium version. The free version includes a few design options, and the premium version consists ofmany more options. The app also allows you to create photo and video stories, and you can set up an account with your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

  1. Canva

Canva is a popular graphic design app that allows you to create beautiful images with text overlay and other effects for your Instagram Stories. The app also has a vast collection of templates that you can use to craft engaging Instagram Stories. Apart from these features, Canva also offers various photo editing features, including fonts, text, filters, etc. In addition, the app can be used to create and share images on multiple platforms.

  1. Adobe Spark

Instagram Stories are great for adding videos or pictures to your stories. The Spark family of apps allows users to add video clips or combine pictures to make a video Story. It can also be used to add effects to pictures. There are several sounds, fonts, animations, and other design effects that you can add. The app is easy to use and does not require any design expertise. You can add products from a vast collection available on the app. For video Stories, sounds can be added from the app collection or your phone. In addition, the app has a multitude of themes to choose from.

  1. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is a simple app that lets you take pictures or video collages for your Instagram Stories. It has a lot of templates, specifically for Instagram Stories, that you can choose from. In addition, it has a lot of filters, stickers, fonts, and photo effects that you can use to create customized images. The app also provides photo editing features like clipping an object from a picture or removing the background.

It also has some beautifying features to add or remove makeup in selfies and profile shots. PhotoGrid can also be used to create memes for Instagram Stories. This is an intelligent gadget that you can use to take selfies and add filters to them. It can also be used to create memes for Instagram Stories and add GIFs to those memes. It can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Typorama

Typorama is a fun app that lets you add text to your Instagram Stories in just a few easy steps. All you need to do is select a background and start typing your message. It has a wide variety of typographic layouts with different font and typeface options to choose from.

  1. Microsoft Hyperlapse

You can share time-lapse videos on Instagram Stories with this app.By using this app, you can make time-lapse videos or modify the speed of your existing videos. There is a recording time limit of 20 minutes for time-lapse videos. You can increase the speed limit up to 32 times when changing the speed limit.

  1. CutStory

By cutting a long video into 15-second segments, you can upload them to Instagram Stories.Instagram Stories need to be no longer than 15 seconds long, which makes posting them a challenge. Instead, you can use this app to create a continuous stream of 15-second videos that you can put on Instagram directly.

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