Airdrop Not Working Issue on Apple Devices – How to Fix it

AirDrop allows you to transfer data that includes almost anything like photos, documents, songs, websites, etc., to/from any iOS or Mac device. You might be wondering if these things can also be emailed to someone. However, AirDrop is a much faster alternative, especially for sharing large files.

Keep in mind that both the recipient and sender devices should be compatible with AirDrop to use this feature. Now, if you have been dealing with the “AirDrop not working” or “AirDrop failed” problem and don’t know how to fix it, we are here to help. You can get your AirDrop up and running without too much hassle, but if you run into problems, here are three tips that can help you.

How AirDrop Works

The devices connected to AirDrop create a peer-to-peer network using Bluetooth and wifi. You do not necessarily need an internet connection to do this. Having the other device close enough (within a 30 feet radius) is all that is required.

You can then share a file to the device over AirDrop by establishing a connection. As it employs a protective Firewall, AirDrop is more secure than email services. Furthermore, your files will be encrypted as you send them.

The Best Ways to Fix “Airdrop Not Working” Issues on Apple Devices

You might be pulling your hair wondering why you can’t use AirDrop to share your files! You need not worry; we have a solution. The following are the top 3 easy troubleshooting steps you can take to get your AirDrop working again:

  1. Make Sure the iOS Device To Be Connected Is Awake

Sleeping devices are often the cause of the “AirDrop not working” problem. Therefore, you should make sure that your display is active before using AirDrop. It is OK to keep your phone on the lock screen, but you have to be able to accept AirDrop notifications when they appear. Toggle your device’s Sleep/Wake button to wake it.

  1. Make Sure Wifi &Bluetooth Are Turned On

If the previous methods didn’t solve the “AirDrop not working” problem, you should continue the troubleshooting process. First, check if both wifi and Bluetooth are enabled. The standard requirement is that your Bluetooth should be able to detect compatible devices located within a 30-foot radius. The wifishould also be allowed to be able to execute the transfer. Here’s how you can toggle your Wifi and Bluetooth on:

Go to “Settings” and tap on “Wifi/Bluetooth.”

If the devices are in the same wifi network, select the “Turn wifi/Bluetooth off and on” option and tap on “Repeat.” Note: If you have a mobile connection (for example, if you’re connected to a mobile hotspot), turn it off before AirDrop works appropriately. To turn off a mobile connection, go to Control Center -> Network Settings Card from the top left corner -> Tap on the Mobile Data icon to turn it off. B:

  1. Turn Off Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb

A couple of AirDrop problems can also be caused by people forgetting that their phones are in Airplane or Do Not Disturb mode. All wireless radios that AirDrop needs to function properly will be disabled when using airplane mode, including wifi and Bluetooth.

Using the Settings button and unchecking Airplane Mode, you can check Airplane mode and change the settings as needed. By swiping up from the bottom of your phone screen, you can also access the Airplane mode Settings section.

AirDrop may not work properly if you have the Do Not Disturb feature enabled on iOS or Mac. You will not receive AirDrop requests or notifications as a result of this. Furthermore, your device will no longer be discoverable. Even when Do Not Disturb mode is active, you can send anything via AirDrop.

The following are the steps to disable Do Not Disturb:

On iOS devices:

To toggle Do Not Disturb, swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen to access Control Center and tap the quarter moon icon.

On Mac:

Select Notifications from the menu bar and open the Notification window. Next, please turn off the Do Not Disturb setting by scrolling up and toggling it.

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