Cavity Insulation – What is Cavity Insulation?

Cavity insulation is the process of filling the gaps between your homes inner and outer walls with an insulating material. This effectively prevents heat from escaping through your home’s walls, saving you money on energy bills. This type of insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to make savings on your energy bills, especially with fuel costs on the rise. According to the Eco Experts National Home Energy Survey most homeowners will make their investment back in 2.5 years or less.

It may be tricky to know if your home has cavity walls, but there are a few clues. You can look for a pattern of long and short bricks on the external wall. If you do have cavities, a trained professional can check with a borescope to ensure the cavities are fully filled and in good condition.

The most popular choice of insulation for your homes cavities is polystyrene beads, which are blown or injected into the gap using special equipment. They are favoured over alternative materials such as mineral fibre or expanding foam for a few reasons, including their low absorption rate which helps to mitigate condensation issues. Their small size also makes them easy to get into tight spaces in the walls.

Once injected, the process should only take about two hours with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life. You will then have a ‘fit and forget’ solution for your homes energy efficiency. The only maintenance is to improve ventilation and stay on top of general property upkeep to ensure the insulation works as expected. insulation grant

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