Cloud Gadget – The Top Warrant Solution

The top warrant solution seamlessly streamlines the legal review and approval process, allowing officers to quickly respond from anywhere at any time on any internet connected device. The system is backed by an audit trail to ensure proper procedures are followed. This allows officers to be in the community, instead of behind a desk, decreasing crime and putting police in the field where they are most needed. FusionStak, the company behind cloud gavel, is led by a dynamic team with a passion for public safety. They were the founders of the concept for the electronic warrant in 2007 and have been dedicated to delivering the best solution on the market ever since. The eWarrant system is fully integrated with the national judicial database (Arrest Warrant Xchange) which allows officers from all agencies to have access to a complete and up-to-date list of active warrants in their jurisdiction. This allows law enforcement to quickly respond to suspects and reduce the possibility that a suspect will be tipped off and flee. The system allows a judge or judicial commissioner to log in and review & approve or reject warrants from anywhere at any time on an iPhone or iPad. This mobile application is more convenient for judges and judicial commissioners who are on the go and eliminates travel to courtrooms when warrants are filed. In addition, a streamlined version of the web access portal is available for those who prefer to use a PC. cloud gavel

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