Disney Teddys – Duffy Is a New Toy For Toys For Tots

It’s an undeniable truth that kids love toys. And even though the world of play is evolving rapidly thanks to technology, the soft toy is still a favorite among children of all ages. These soft toy friends are often the kids’ first companions who they talk about everything, share secrets with and care for like family.

These stuffed animal toys can be anything from cute animals to cartoon characters that are popular with the kids of today. Among them are Disney Teddys, which are cuddly stuffed versions of their favourite film characters.

The company that created Mickey Mouse and the library of films that speak to every generation has now added a new teddy bear to its lineup: Duffy. The plush character is a hit at the Disney theme parks in Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong as well as at Disneyland resorts, in stores and at fan events.

It’s also the top seller at the Disney Store. And while Duffy hasn’t appeared in a TV show or movie yet, that could change.

Toys for Tots is a national initiative that helps families in need. It was founded more than seven decades ago by Walt Disney and his studios, and the train image that Disney designed for the initiative is still part of the logo. Disney Teddys

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