Skills to Highlight on Resume

Whether you include a Skills section in your resume, or use the space within your work experience section to highlight your relevant soft skills, it’s important to be selective about which ones you choose to mention. It’s also a good idea to link each skill set with a specific job title/function in order to add social proof and further demonstrate that you are a strong fit for the role.

Communication Skills
Recruiters are always looking for applicants with solid communication skills. Whether it’s verbal, writing or presentation, make sure to include examples of how you have effectively communicated in the past.

Problem-Solving Skills
Being able to think critically and solve problems is a desirable skill for nearly every position. If you can highlight how you’ve been able to successfully problem-solve in the past, this will give hiring managers confidence in your abilities.

Design Skills
Companies in nearly every industry need employees with a good eye for design. Including design experience on your resume will show employers that you’re ready to hit the ground running in their company.

Marketing Skills
It’s hard to overstate the value of marketing skills in any profession. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who know how to market products or services in a way that will drive growth and customer retention. If you can showcase your marketing skills in a past job, be sure to include them in your resume. Whenever possible, try to quantify your results with numbers — such as how many customers you were able to reach, or how much you helped increase revenue. Skills to highlight on resume

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