Top 7 World of Warcraft Action Figures

Warcraft is the most famous web-based MMORPG. Presently you can carry the characters into your home with the World of Warcraft Action Figures. With five series previously delivered and a 6th coming we were considering what the top figures were. We looked through the web and found those that are accounted for as the top selling figures. We viewed this as:

1. WOW Series 5: Night Elf Hunter: Alathena Moonbreeze with Sorna

A great activity position of a Night Elf tracker and her pet. This one makes certain to satisfy every one of the people who partake in the more obscure mythical beings and subduing outlandish pets. This is from the most recent set, so get yours before they sell out and the costs go up.

2. WOW Deluxe Collector Figure: Illidan (Demon Form)

This figure stands 11.75″ high on the off chance that you incorporate the wings. The famous Illidan character is currently in his evil spirit structure. Make certain to get his ordinary figure likewise, however they can be difficult to come by.

3. WOW Tauren Hunter: Korg Highmountain Figure

His figure is enormous and weighty like a genuine Tauren in a little bundle. The last playable race activity figure to be delivered, don’t miss yours.

4. Warcraft Series 3 Human Priestess Action Figure

The human cleric in her shadow structure. Try not to let your minister go undervalued, get them this activity figure to tell them you give it a second thought.

5. Warcraft Series 3 Draenei Mage Action Figure

The Dranei Mage: Tamuura stands 9.5″ high. Get this figure of one of the most loved playable races. Highlighted in an extraordinary activity present.

6. WOW Series 4: Deluxe Collector Figure: Lady Vashj

A major Figurine Attaque des Titans that accompanies loads of additional items. Put her with her lord Illidan Stormrage and unite the Outlanders back.

7. Universe of Warcraft Series 4: Succubus Demon: Amberlash Action Figure

An extraordinary figure regardless of whether you simply miss your in-game succubus sidekick. An unquestionable necessity for the warlock players. Do you recall how cheerful you were the point at which you could gather one? Feel it again when you get this figure.

Similarly as with all things, which is best is extremely abstract. Settle on your own decisions or simply gather them all. Make certain to get the new sets as they become accessible. Have a good time and continue to play. For the Horde!

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